Micheal H. McCabe

CSCI-123 Intro Web Development

Assignment 1

August 27, 2012



Project 1 – Page #19:  Part One – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly:




·         The best overall graphic design on the web!

·         Simple, No Clutter, No bandwidth-hogging BS.

·         Requires very little overhead processing.  No plugins.  Scripts run efficiently.

·         Works well with most browsers, including those on mobile devices.

·         Works under Lynx and similar text-only browsers.

·         Compatible with screen-readers for the blind, Braille Terminals, etc.

·         Scales well to most screen sizes.  Can be used with the magnifier and high-contrast aids to accessibility.

·         Although the (recently added) menu bar detracts from the clean design of the web-page, it allows easy navigation to other Google products.

·         The default search application is simple, intuitive, and almost idiot-proof.



·         Not as simple as the Google Search Page, but it is still sparse, simple, and quick to load.

·         Still accessible.  No weird plugins that effect cross-platform compatibility.

·         No nasty flash content that mobile devices can’t run.

·         Although graphics-intensive, there is still an alternate text-only page for use with the Lynx browser, screen-readers, and Braille Terminals.

·         Does not scale well, a 16:9 display is necessary to display the page without horizontal scrolling.  People with a 4:3 display may not see the entire page immediately.





·         Retro green-on-black color scheme recalls the days of green-screen ASCII terminals.

·         Once again, the design is sparse and uncluttered with little to distract you from the content.

·         No scripts.  No flash. No obvious waste of bandwidth.

·         A fine example of the KISS philosophy in action.



·         Getting somewhat more complex, but still presents content with little clutter.

·         The big annoying flash content in the middle is invisible to folks running browsers older than Internet Explorer 6, mobile users, and folks with a text-only display.

·         The alternate text-only site presents the same information but there doesn’t seem to be an automatic redirect.



·         These folks invented the world-wide-web so who am I to criticize them?

·         The design is simple and sparse. The graphical elements are small enough that they don’t detract from the content.

·         The site scales well and is designed to fit a 4:3 display; users with a 16:9 display get neutral blue padding on either side.

·         No visual clutter!

·         Links are obvious, useful, and logically organized.


·         Clutter!

·         Questionable ads.

·         Where is the link to Yahoo Small Business Services?  Webhosting?

·         A nasty mix of Flash, HTML5, and slow-to-load Javascript makes the site unusable over a slow connection.

·         Lack of a consistent “visual language” across pages.  No consistent menu bar. No common way of “going back.”  Many “blind” links to God-knows-where!



·         I love NASA and their mission, but I hate this website!

·         Clutter!

·         Media Intensive. Low-bandwidth site has different content and is rarely updated.

·         Apparently there is no organizational strategy.  Where is the link to the current satellite ephemeris?  How about the planetary imaging database?  Search doesn’t work very well either!



·         A classic case of “brochure-ware”.

·         Where’s a site map or an index to faculty web-pages?

·         Clutter!

·         Drive-by scripting.

·         Uses Flash and other nasty stuff to display images that could just as easily be served up as a JPG, GIF, or PNG file.

·         No thought given to accessibility using something other than the latest and greatest Microsoft browser on the latest and greatest computer.



·         God-awful blue/green background and padding.  Ick!

·         Visual clutter.

·         Ads appear above the masthead and use Flash.

·         Search doesn’t work very well.

·         Would they bother printing an actual newspaper that looks like this?

·         Archived articles don’t appear in search results.  Although archives are beyond a paywall, I’m more likely to pay for something if I can actually determine that it exists!



·         A fantastic website, particularly for a student of computer science!

·         Some visual clutter, but the Masthead identifies the website and the minimalist graphics don’t detract from the content.

·         Great content!

·         Search actually works!

·         Good visibility with both a 4:3 monitor and a 16:9 monitor.

·         Logical organization of information.



·         Clutter!

·         Doesn’t everybody hate timeline?

·         Annoying column of ads and other useless crap on the right side of the page.

·         At least the background is a nice, plain, white and the text is legible!


Project 1 – Page #19:  Part Two – Sites with “Unique Artistic Features”:



·         Two-tone green color scheme makes me think of home appliances from the early 1970’s.



·         “Rainbow” Logo recalls the early days of the web.

·         Visual clutter contributes to the garage sale / flea market ambience.


·         Minimalist design.

·         Not much clutter.

·         “Personal Letter” from Jeff Bezos on home page is a nice touch.

·         Well-organized navigation bar on left side lets you find the correct site.

·         Nice use of circuit-board background graphics.

·         Again, the green-on-black color scheme is both high-contrast and suggestive of old-school ASCII terminals.


·         Simple and effective.

·         Index page lists the contents in a simple, compatible way.

·         No annoying distractions. No ads. No flash.



·         Simple and effective directory listing.

·         Reminds me of Gopher and similar Internet services that have long-since perished.


·         The folks that created the Internet (Arpanet) if not actually the Web as we know it today.

·         A nice public page for a military agency that usually does classified work.

·         The black background makes a subtle suggestion as to the nature of the “black projects” that DARPA engages in.

·         The graphic on the right is a scanning electronmicrograph of a  ~8 nm feature of an integrated circuit; possible a field-effect transistor (FET).   It also sparks interest in the knowledgeable observer – “What the heck is that?”


·         Another government agency with a nice website.

·         Clean and simple design. Obvious links to content.

·         Nice background graphics with the ARRL Logo watermark.

·         Fairly clean design.

·         Navigation toolbar and working search feature.


·         Another page that really sucks.

·         I hate the ads, the clutter, and the force-feeding of news links.

·         This is a service that I actually pay for!

·         Why all the links to other (competing) webmail services?

Find five sites that have applied to psychology of color effectively to enhance their street appeal.


·         These local shysters are following the same playbook as the author of our text; cool, tranquil, and soothing green along with the steadfast and reliable blue.


·         Perception is reality, once again.  Orange and blue suggest warm fuzzy and reliable for a business that’s mostly about taking granny to her dialysis appointments.


·         Hooray!  Somebody who actually uses words to convey meaning instead of some artistic / symbolic crap about color schemes.

·         The stylized graphic of the sun (?) reading a book confuses me a bit… Are celestial bodies actually literate?


·         Yes, they continue to rip me off every year, but they have a nice website.

·         The blue color suggests the pretty blue flames produced when their product burns.

·         The green highlights suggest the money I will be sending their way this winter.


·         Black background suggests outer space

·         Yellow lettering is reminiscent of the titles in the original TV series.

·         “blue” tinting of photos is stylistic effect suggesting old TV shows / movies.




Find Five Additional Sites that have employed any of the following color schemes:  monochromatic, warm, cool, analogous, or complementary.


“Warm” %tutke


“Cool” http://th07.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/f/2010/039/d/6/WordPress___IcePress_Theme_by_detrans.jpg


“Monochromatic”  Loewy Design




Website Color Example




website color examples


Project 1.6 Building Your Own Website, Page 21: