Ellen M. Zimmer
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
at Edinboro University

office: Ross Hall 164
e-mail: zimmer@edinboro.edu
office phone: 732-1179
Course info

General Information

Winter 2014-15

CSCI 104 Essential Computing I (online)

CSCI 496 Internship


CSCI 104 Essential Computing I
CSCI 130 Principles of Programming I
CSCI 230 Principles of Programming II
CSCI 330 Object Oriented Programming
CSCI 270 Artificial Intelligence
CSCI 304 Web Design and Implementation
CSCI 323 Website Development
CSCI 380 Operating Systems
CSCI 401 Programming in C#
CSCI 402 Programming in Java
CSCI 403 Open Source Projects

CSCI 496 Internship
MATH 496 Internship

IT 660 Web Systems and Interface Design

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Expectations for Computer Science Students

It's important to understand that if you complete all the requirements for an assignment, that entitles you to a grade of "B" (i.e. "satisfactory work"). To receive an A for an assignment, you must go beyond the basic requirements, and demonstrate creativity, initiative, and excellence--the grade of "A" is intended for work that is superior, rather than average.

"Incomplete" Grades: You may request an incomplete, or "I" grade, only in cases where exceptional conditions beyond your control, such as accidents, severe illness, family problems, etc., have kept you from completing the course. You must alert us to these circumstances as soon as possible--telling your instructor in November that you were sick in September is not acceptable. If your request for an incomplete is granted, you must complete the work for the course within the time limits set by the University.  Unfinished "I" grades automatically become "F". Incomplete grades are not given to students who have simply fallen behind in their work.


DreamSpark - free software!

Linux Commands cheat sheet

"Joe" editor Commands cheat sheet

Bloodshed - C++ compiler

C++ Website - Great for referencing C++ standard library header files!

putty - Secure shell client for telnet
   (Mac users: open a terminal and type ssh username@cslab100.cs.edinboro.edu )

filezilla - Secure shell client for ftp

Permacharts - Great for C++ students!

Smart Draw - used to draw charts, UML etc

We will be using D2L for class discussion and posting various items.

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