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Exam -- 50 points (to be given at mid term)
There will be one exam in this class.  It will be essay in format.  The class will be given an opportunity to choose whether the exams are taken in class or take home.  Their dates are in the course schedule.

Group Project & Presentation 50 points
The group project entails the creation of a web site which chronicles a social movement.

Research Paper/Major Project 70 points
This paper (12-15 pages) will chronicle & analyze one social movement.  You may also conduct a comparison between two similar types of social movements.

Protest Songs 30 points
Choose two protest songs from a particular era/social movement and analyze them. This should be done in a very short, liner note, format & should address the social environment in which the song was popular.

Participation & Innovation 30 points
Participation and innovation goes above and beyond just coming to class, it includes coming to class as well as participating in class discussions and assignments in a constructive manner.  Innovation includes the ability to think critically before, during and even after class.  The following items are a part of your participation & innovation grade:

Discussion questions (see below)

Participation in class activities

Participation in class discussion

Participation in in-class assignments

Attendance (see below)

Attendance:  Attendance will be taken into consideration in the final grade of this course.  It is to your advantage to attend regularly.  If you arrive late, or miss class, you cannot adequately participate and you will be held responsible for the information disseminated.  If you repeatedly miss class, you cannot successfully complete the course.  In addition, I adhere to Edinboro University's attendance policy.  If you have absences which you believe should be excused, please contact me with adequate documentation concerning your excuse.

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Research Paper Topics

Taliban Movement in Afghanistan  --  Dan Carr

Nazi Movement  --  Kristy Dorich

Black Feminist Movement  --  Tiffany Edwards

  --  Julie Glass

Trail of Tears & Westward Expansion  --  Jamie Johnson

Environmental Movement  --  Jennifer Judson

Religious Fundamentalism  --  Sara King

  --  Megan Lishia

 French Revolution  --  Denny Maloy

  --  Amy Miller

Selma Alabama Bus Boycott  --  Matt Miller

 Anit-War Movements (Vietnam & Iraq) --  Rob Nicols

U.S. Contraception Movement  --  Helen Ryan

Women's Suffrage  --  Josh Schaldenbrand

Prohibition  --  Laura Scheestel

Russian (Bolshevik) Revolution  --  Stella Vealey

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgendered Movement --  Angela Whitney

  --  Stacey Wieczorek

Group Projects


Industrial Unionization

(Julie, Laura & Sara)



(Dan, Kristy & Matt)



(Denny, Rob, Stacey)



(Angela, Jamie, Tiffany)


(Helen, Jenn & Megan)


70's American Indian Movement

(Amy, Josh, Stella)


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