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Frequently Asked Questions About Math Placement:

Who takes the placement exam?

When and where are placements tests given?

Who can I contact to answer my questions?

What changes have been made to remediation?

    Click here for a letter explaining the improvements we made to remediation in 2014

When should I take my required math course?

        Every student will need to take at least one math course. Please follow the timetable below:

What is Math Placement?

        Banner will not permit you to take anything above MATH 020 without taking the Math Placement test.  Math Placement tests are given at Freshmen Orientation

        Every student must take a math course.  Math placement is based on: a student's major and on the score on the Accuplacer test and/or SAT/ACT.   A high enough score will place students into their required course.  Lower scores will place students into the remedial sequence MATH020/090.  Examples of required courses are:

Can I study for the placement exam?

Where is the test given? Can I take it at home?

Can I make-up the exam if I didn't take it at orientation? If so, when?

Can I retake the test if I don't like my placement?

How do I know my placement?


Is “placement” the same as “scheduling”?

If my major calls for MATH104, Finite Mathematics, but I wish to take a harder class, can I do so?

Can I test out of MATH104?

Is algebra required for MATH104?

Where can I find a tutor?