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For questions about placement on main campus, please contact Dr. Sylvester (, or Paula Warner (

    For placement times at Porreco, please contact Bruce Skolnick ( or Janet Bowker (


Frequently Asked Questions About Math Placement:

What changes were made to remediation in 2014?

    Click here for a letter explaining the improvements we have recently made to remediation.

When should I take my required math course?

        Every student will need to take at least one math course. Please follow the timetable below:

What is Math Placement?

        Banner will not permit you to take anything above MATH 020 without taking the Math Placement test.  Math Placement tests are given at Freshmen Orientation

        Every student must take a math placement test and a math course.  Math placement is based on: score on the Accuplacer test and a student’s major.   A high enough score will place students into their required course.  Lower scores will place students into the remedial sequence MATH020/090.  Examples of required courses are:

Can I study for the placement exam?

·         Yes. To study on your own, study arithmetic and algebra.  In particular, negative numbers, fractions, order of operations, exponents, factoring, graphing, equations,...    or

·         Visit Accuplacer's site at:  or

·         Purchase the Accuplacer Study App from itunes for your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Science students take the CLM (College Level Math), and all students take the ELALG (Elementary Algebra).

·         Go to and type ACCUPLACER Web-Based Study App into Search.  Cost is $2.99.

·         Please note that calculators are NOT allowed on the test.

Where is the test given? Can I take it at home?

·         The test is proctored and must be taken at one of our campuses (main campus in Edinboro, Erie, or Meadville) during a group session.

·         No, as it must be proctored, the test can not be taken at home, only on campus.

Can I make-up the exam if I didn't take it at orientation? If so, when?

·         If you missed the exam at orientation, come to a scheduled make-up session (see times at   Group tests are scheduled during registration periods (October, March, and May) and during orientations (June and January). We do not make individual appointments

·         If you change your major, your placement may need to change.  Email Dr. Sylvester at , or Paula Warner at, to discuss.

Can I retake the test if I don't like my placement?

How do I know my placement?

·         Placement is made at the end of the test.  You will get a printout.  Please keep this and/or record the result for future reference.

·         If you get a “prereq” error when trying to schedule, you were not placed to take this class. You were probably placed for  MATH020 (Remedial Algebra I). For further information on your placement, come see one of our advisors at a  make-up session


Is “placement” the same as “scheduling”?


·         No. Once you’ve been told what class we suggest for you, you must pick the time slot and actually schedule it.

If my major calls for MATH104, Finite Mathematics, but I wish to take a harder class, can I do so?

·         Your score and your major may automatically place you for MATH104.  However, with the permission of your advisor and of the Placement Director Dr Sylvester , you may be allowed to schedule for a more advanced course.

Can I test out of MATH104?

·         As with any college course, you may pass a course by exam.  Forms and procedures are available at Records and Registration or in the Mathematics Department.

What is covered in MATH104?

·         Starting in Fall of 2010, MATH 104 will be covering Mathematics of Finance, Sets, Probability, Statistics, and several other topics (chosen from: Number Theory, Mathematical Systems, Graph Theory, Advanced Probability, Correlation, Regression, Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities, Logic, Voting and Apportionment, and Advanced Geometry).


 Is algebra required for MATH104?

·         Yes, algebra is required for most of the topics in Finite.  Students are expected to be proficient with formulas and deductive reasoning at the beginning of the course.

·         Based on placement testing, some students who have never mastered high school algebra (or who do not remember it) will be required to take either the self-paced remedial algebra sequence ( MATH020 /MATH090) in order to prepare for their first college math course (usually MATH104, 105, 107, 110, or 150).  

Where can I find a tutor?

·        We have free tutoring about 20 hours a week every semester, staffed by our majors.  Tutoring is held in the Library Lab 114, and in the MRC, in Ross Hall.  The schedule is listed on the door.