Environmental Issues (GEOG145) – 9am & 10am sections          Fall 2014

Department of Geosciences
Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

Instructor:     Dr. Laurie Parendes
Office:          212 Cooper Hall

Phone:          (814) 732-2840
Email:           lparendes@edinboro.edu
Mailbox:        126 Cooper (Department Office Suite)



Fall 2014 Office Hours:


·         Mon / Wed / Fri:  11:00 am – 12:00 pm

·         Tue:  10:00 am – 12:00 pm

·         Thu:  by appointment

·         Or at other times, by appointment



Course links:


·         Extra Credit Opportunities:  Follow the links for details!

o    Film:  “Disruption” on Tue, 9/30/14 @ 5pm

o    Guest speaker:  Bill McKibben on Thu, 10/2/14 @8pm

·         Assignments Follow this link to a weekly listing of reading and written homework assignments.


·         Supplemental Class Material:


o    Quotations from Major Contributors to the Foundations of Environmental Thought:  Thoreau, Marsh, Muir, Pinchot, Leopold

o    Maps for studying geographic locations that we discuss:

§  World Map

§  North America Map

·         EUP Student Guidelines:

o    Student Code of Conduct

o    Statement of Academic Integrity


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