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The Department of Geosciences at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania (EUP) maintains a suite of meteorological instruments located on the roof of Cooper Hall.  Our geographic position is at latitude 41° 52'N and longitude 80° 08'W at an elevation of 1250ft above sea level.  The suite of instruments, which are manufactured by Davis Instruments, collect temperature, humidity, pressure, wind, and precipitation data which are used in the meteorology classes offered by the EUP Geosciences Department.  The temperature and humidity instruments are housed within a radiation shield to protect them from the sun and precipitation.  The anemometer and wind vane have been positioned at a location largely free of upwind obstacles.  The weather data is archived by a PC and then uploaded to the Internet every 60 seconds using a Virtual Weather Station software package by Ambient Software.  Our WeatherCam image is produced by a Logitech Webcam Pro 9000. New WeatherCam images are generated and uploaded to the Internet using Image Salsa software every 60 seconds as well.

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