Joseph Laythe

Edinboro University of Pennsylvania 






Ph.D., History, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon.  1996.


M.A., History, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon. 1992.


B.A., History, Carroll College, Helena, Montana. 1987.




Teaching Experience:


Professor, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, 2005-Present.

                New courses include HIST 383 America and the Revolutionary World and  HIST 610 Oral  History.


Associate Professor, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, 2001-2005.

New courses taught include SSCI 401 National and International Contemporary Issues, Latin America II, and EDUC/HIST 282 Ethics and American Education.  Assisted in creation of new course--Multicultural America -- as well as working on new program in Public History and Museum Studies.


Assistant Professor, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, 1996-2001.

Taught History of Urban Development, U.S. Police History, History of the American West, History of American Violence, American Dream on Film, Study of History, Field Experience in History, Latin America II (in Cuba), and general U.S. surveys.  Tenured 2001.


Instructor, Portland State University, 1995-1996, Summer 1997.

                Taught an advanced course on History of the Pacific Northwest, History of Oregon, and a three quarter survey of U.S. History.


Graduate Teaching Fellow, University of Oregon, 1992-1994.

                Led weekly discussions and graded exams and papers for U.S. Foreign Policy, U.S. and Vietnam,; and Latin America.


Graduate Assistant, Portland State University, 1990-1992.
















Engendered Death: Pennsylvania Women Who Kill (Bethlehem, PA: Lehigh University Press, 2011)


Crime and Punishment in Oregon, 1875-1915: A Study of Four Communities (Lewiston, NY: The Edwin Mellen Press, 2008.)


“The Death Penalty in the Pacific Northwest,” in Gordon Morris Bakken, ed. Invitation to an Execution (Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2010)


“Erie: Hard Labor, Hard Luck,” Documentary produced as part of a Labor Oral History Grant from PHMC.


“Murder and the Erie Trucking War of 1929,” The Journal of Erie Studies, Fall 2004: 20-28.


“The Faces of War: World War II and Northwestern Pennsylvania,” Documentary produced as part of

                WWII Oral History Grant from PHMC with Digitalmotion, Inc.  Served as scriptwriter, editor, and director.  Documentary debuted at EUP in Spring 2004; featured at Erie County Historical Society and Museums in September 2004 and as part Edinboro Area Historical Society’s Veteran’s Day programming in November 2004.


“Crime and Punishment in a Mining Town: Jacksonville, Oregon, 1875-1915,”  The Journal of Mining

History, (Spring 2003).


“Cold War Offenses and Cold-Hearted Crimes: Crime and Punishment in Erie, Pennsylvania, 1946-1960,” The Journal of Erie Studies (Spring 2002): 5-15.


 “Trouble on the Outside, Trouble on the Inside: An Historical Overview of the Eugene Police Department,

 1862-1969,” Police Quarterly , March 2002, v5 (1): 96-112.


“The Wicked Stepmother? The Edna Mumbulo Case of 1930,” Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular

Culture, 9 (2) (2002): 33-54.

[On-line at:]


“Outlaws of Erie and Wartime Bandits,” Journal of Erie Studies (Fall 2000): 31-40.




Conferences Presentations:


“Urban Decline: The Pottsville Maroons and the Theft of a City’s Hope,” Ohio Valley History Conference, Western Kentucky University, October 2008.


“Oral History and the Making of ‘Faces of War’” Ohio Valley History Conference at Tennessee Tech University, Cookeville, Tennessee, October 2004.


“Conference Panel: Erie in World War II” at 2004 Pennsylvania Labor History Conference, September 18, 2004, at UE Local #506, Erie, Pennsylvania.


“’It’ll All Come out in the Wash’: The Millie Thomas Good Housekeeping Murder of 1946,” at Ohio Valley History Conference, October 24, 2003.


“’Hitting the Wall’: The Erie Race Riot of 1967,” at Ohio Valley History Conference at Austin Peay State

                University, Clarksville, Tennessee, October 25, 2002.


“Leopard Skins and Leotards: A History of Rock and Roll Cartoon Bands from The Flintstones to Josie and

the Pussycats,” at Popular Culture Association Conference, Toronto, Canada, March 2002.





“Murder and the Erie Trucking War of 1929: A Case of Labor Violence,” In Panel Session, “Labor,

Depression, Conflict and Change in Erie, Pennsylvania” at Conference on History and Politics: The History of Labor and Management Relations, California University of Pennsylvania, January 24, 2002.


“Bandidas y Victimas:  Nineteenth-Century Latinas in the United States,” at IV International Women’s

Studies Conference in Havana, Cuba, November 2001. (Paper Accepted.  Limited funding prevented presentation.)


“Burning Problems: The Edna Mumbulo Case in Erie, Pennsylvania, 1930,” at Ohio Valley History

Conference at Western Kentucky University, October 2001. 


“Cold War Offenses and Cold-Hearted Crimes: Crime in Erie, Pennsylvania, 1946-1960,” at Ohio Valley

 History Conference at Murray State University in Kentucky, October 2000.


 “Crimes Against Latin American Women,” in session entitled “The Evangelina Paradox: North American

Images and Representations of Latin American Women,” at III International Women’s Studies Conference in Havana, Cuba, October 25-31, 1999.


“Outlaws of Erie and Wartime Bandits,” in session entitled “Outlaws, Essentials, and Dis’Obedient

 Women: Outsiders in Northwestern Pennsylvania, 1940-1946,” at Ohio Valley History

 Conference at Tennessee Technological University, October 21-23, 1999. Paper published

  In Journal of Erie Studies (Spring 2001).


“Hunting for a Better Erie,”  Bay Front Heritage Series, Erie, Pennsylvania, October 1998.


“Imagining the Nation, Nationalizing the State,”  North American Labor History Conference, Session Chair, Detroit, Michigan, October 1998.


“Half-Hearted Reform and a  Cold-Hearted Murder: The Death of the Warden at the Oregon State Penitentiary in 1915,” presented at California/Rocky Mountain American Studies Association Joint Conference, Reno, Nevada, April-May 1993.



Special University Presentations:


“How I Do Research,” FYE Common Hour Presentation for the Art Department, Sept. 13, 2007.


“Shooting and Sizzling: The Irene Schroeder Case,” Women’s History Month, EUP, March 28, 2006.


“The Katrina Tragedy: Race and Class in America Today,” October 4, 2005.  Organizer and Moderator.


“Women Who Kill,” Dialogues Across the Disciplines Series on Deviance, March 2005.


“1968 and 2004: Elections and Social Change,” Lawrence Towers Tie-Dye Party and Elections      Presentation, October 26, 2004.  3rd Floor, Tower A, by request of student Victoria Gauna.


“Good Housekeeper, Bad Housekeeper: The Millie Thomas Murder Case of 1946,” Women’s History

                Month, March 2004.


“Josie and the Pussycats: Women in Rock and Roll Cartoon Bands,” Women’s History Month, High

School Day Presentation, March 20, 2003.


“Beyond Multiple Choice: Alternative Assessments,” as part of UTL Talk About Teaching Series, November 12, 2002.





“The Witch and the Temptress: The Lila Jimerson Case of 1930,” Women’s History Month Presentation,

March 2002. Presentation also slated for High School Day, March 21, 2002.


“Cuba: New World, Old World,” Phi Sigma Iota Banquet Presentation, April 21, 2001.


“Torchkiller: The Mumbulo Murder of 1930,” Women’s History Month Presentation, March 2001.


“Viva La Cuba!,” World Cultures Festival Presentation, February 2001.


“Pearl Harbor Remembered,” History Club Presentation, December 7, 2000.


“Victims or Victimizers?: Latinas and Crime, 1875-1915,” Women’s History Month Presentation, March

 21, 2000.


“American West Road Trip Review,” International Academic Festival Presentation, February 23, 2000.


“Twentieth Century Greats,” International Academic Festival Presentation, February 22, 2000.



“The U.S. Embargo Against Cuba,” International Academic Festival presentation, February 21, 2000.

 Made in conjunction with Profs. Max Azicri, Jerra Jenrette, and Lucy Bohne.


“Prostitutes, Sluts, and Whores,” Liberal Arts Living Learning Floor Coffeehouse Presentation, February 1,



“Cuba Today,” Guest Presentation in Dr. Jerra Jenrette’s Latin American History course, December 7 and

 9, 1999.


“Outsiders Looking In: Cuba,” History Club Presentation, December 2, 1999.


“Hysterical Women with Weapons? The Debate Over Women in American Law Enforcement,” Women’s

 History Month Presentation, March 1999.


“Investing and Engaging Students: Ways to Improve Student Participation,”  Faculty Service Presentation for Center for Excellence in Teaching,  Talk About Teaching series, November  11-12,1998.


“Demimonde of Death: Prostitution in the American West, 1875-1915,” Women’s History Presentation,March 1998.


“Harlots and Homicide: Women and Crime in the American West,” Women’s History Month Presentation,March 1998.


“Why Celebrate Columbus Day when Columbus was a Murderer,” History Club Presentation, October 15, 1997.


“Sterilizing Sin: Oregon and the Eugenics Movement,” Portland State University, August 1997.


“Lizzie Borden Took an Axe,” Edinboro University International Academic Festival, February 1997.


“The Myth of Supermen: Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery,” Guest Lecture in Methods in Social Studies and Geography, Wm. Weber, February 1997.








Honors and Awards:


Local History Award, Erie County Historical Society and Museums, “Erie: Hard Labor, Hard Luck,” a documentary made possible by PHMC Grant.


Research Sabbatical, History of Small Town Crime: A Comparative Study of Crime in Washington, Pennsylvania, and New York, 1875-1915,”  Awarded Spring 2007; to be completed Spring 2009.


Pennsylvania Humanities and Museum Commission Grant, Oral History of Labor in Erie, Pennsylvania, 1920s-present; $15,000.


Public Citizen of the Year, NW Pennsylvania Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, March 21, 2006.


Nominated, CASE Professor of the Year, April 2005.  Nomination made through the President , Provost, and Dean of Liberal Arts’ Offices.


Honored at Fall 2004 Convocation and Founder’s Day Celebration for Service to the Highlands Center for Faculty Initiatives, September 2004.


Nominated, CASE Professor of the Year, April 2004. Nomination made through the President’s Office and Dean of Liberal Arts.


Educator of the Year, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, 2004.


Finalist, Educator of the Year, Edinboro University, 2001-2002.  Nominated 1999-2000, 2000-2001,

2002-2003, 2007.


Certificate of Appreciation for “Encouraging Student Participation” and “Issues of Diversity in the

Classroom,” University Teaching and Learning Institute, EUP, Fall 1998.


Faculty Research Grant, EUP, Spring-Summer 1998. 

                Conducted research in Eugene, Oregon on city’s police history.  Research resulted in publication of article in Police Quarterly (2002).



Service Education:


Special Presenter/Instructor, Teaching the American Story Grant (TAS/TAH) with IU#5, 2004-2007


“Neighborhood Forum,” Moderator,  February 25, 2003.


“Speak Up!” UTL-Highlands Center Presentation, Moderator, April 4, 2001.


Academic Advising Seminars, Fall 1996-Present.


Faculty Volunteer Tutoring Program, Spring 1997.


Teacher Candidate In-Service Program, History Department Representative,  Spring 1997.


HCFI and Center for Excellence in Teaching Seminars, Participant, Fall 1996-Present.









Community Service:


Departmental Speaker’s Bureau Presentations at Girard High School (2007), J.S. Wilson Middle School (2007)


Presenter, “It Matters When You Read Things”, Erie Blasco Library, “The Jungle,” July 2006.  Program coordinated by Dr. John Cussen.


Director, Institute for Human Services and Civility, EUP, 2005. Coordinated Poverty Conference (2006);    facilitated collaboration between IHSC and Erie Redevelopment Authority, Erie County Department of Health, PARDI, and Erie Community Foundation; sponsored on-campus forums, Cans and Fans project, Child Abuse Curriculum Initiative, and creation of IHSC Advisory Council.


Erie County Historical Society and Museums, public showing of “Faces of War” documentary,

                September 26, 2004.


Volunteer, Health Ministries Association Conference, July 1-3, 2004, Seattle, Washington.


Project RAKE, Co-Coordinator, November 1, 2003.


“Andrew Augustus Culbertson,” Edinboro Area Historical Society, Halloween Cemetery Tour

Presentation, October 20, 2001.


Miller School Guest Presentation, “Elections in History,” Guest of Mr. Timothy Frawley, Department of

Elementary Education, November 6, 2000.


Villa Maria Elementary, Registration Table Volunteer, Walk-A-Thon, September 2000.


General Electric-Global Summit presentation, “U.S. Embargo Against Cuba,” East High School, Erie,

April 28, 2000.


Project ECHO, Application for Instructor in Video-Conferencing American West course, Application

 Accepted, no students enrolled. Spring 2000.


Pennsylvania History Day, Coordinator, 2003-2005; Assistant Coordinator, Spring 2000-2002.


Our Lady of the Lake Parish, Long Term Facilities Planning Committee, February 1999-2001; Recording



Edinboro Area Historical Society, Special Events Committee, February 1999-2000.


Bay Front Heritage Series,  Erie Maritime Museum-Pennsylvania  Humanities Council Presentation,October 1998. Erie, Pennsylvania.


Our Lady of the Lake Parish, RCIA-Confirmation and Education Program, Sponsor (EUP student, Marc Rigby), Spring 1998.


Adopt-A-Student Program, Our Lady of the Lake Parish in conjunction with  Edinboro University Campus Ministry, 1996-1998.







University Service:


Director, First Year Experience Program, 2008-2009


Responsible for tailoring FYE Common Hour programs to department needs, introduced Dead Scots Tour, Freshmen Follies, and FYE podcasts.


Coordinator, Dialogues Across the Disciplines Series, 2004-Present; tri-member panels addressing issues of leadership, deviance, environment, the mind, and social identity.


Director, Institute for Human Services and Civility, 2005-2008.


Uniting for Success and Civility Task Force on Retention and Graduation, chaired by Gerald Kiel, Spring     2005.


Director, Oral History Studio, 116 Hendricks Hall, Fall 2004-Present.


Edinboro Family Summer Planning Retreat, Breakout Session Facilitator, “Issues of Civility,” 2004.


American Democracy Project, committee member, Fall 2003-Present.


Latin American Studies Conference, Coordinator, April 15-16, 2004.


Conference on the Detection and Treatment of Child Sexual Abuse, Coordinator, December 5-6, 2003. 


University Commission on Civility, Spring 2003-Present.  With Susan Criswell, co-chaired

commission to investigate and report upon the programs, organizations, and commitments on the Edinboro University of PA campus directed toward the goal of civility.


Reader, “Remaining Awake Through a Great Revolution” by Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. at the 2003

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Awards Luncheon, Edinboro University, January 31, 2003.  Fall 2002 USII and American Urban Development students also submitted entries as part of the “Expressions of Remembrance” Contest.  The four winners of that contest (Sheryl Kingsley, Oreche Lokiri, Ryan Hogue, and Shevonne Nesby) were my students.


Highlands Center for Faculty Initiatives, Co-Director, Fall 2002-2004.  Responsible for university and

SSHE programs such as American Education Week, Jim Miller Celebration of Teaching, Evening of Science, Values Newsletter, Scots Record, UTL Forums, Neighborhood Forum, Talk About Teaching Workshops, UTL Brownbag Lunches, Pennsylvania History Day, Art Education Conference 2004, SSHE Women’s Consortium Conference 2004, IIC Conversations on Collaboration, Yellow Ribbon Campaign, Character Education Conference, and other events.  Participation in Institute for Internal Collaboration and Institute for Ethics and Values in Education.  Member of CETP-PA Conference Organizing team in hosting of 2003 CETP-PA Summer Conference, August 2003.  Sponsored New Faculty Picnic and participated in new faculty orientations.

*This position was taken without any course load reduction.


University-Wide Promotions Committee, Fall 2001-2004, 2005-2007.  Elected in 2001 to finish term of       Liberal Arts representative Kathleen Golden.  Elected again in 2002 (twice).


University Council on Recruitment, Spring 2002-2003.  Responsible for the organization of department’s

Open House program in Hendricks Hall and at the University Center.


Millennium Time Capsule, Torch Night 2000 Program, History Club, Spring 2000.



Who’s Who in American Colleges Committee, Student Affairs, Fall 1999.


Institute for University Teaching and Learning of the Center for Excellence in Teaching, member, Fall



Judicial Affairs Advocate,  Office of Student Judicial Affairs, August 1999-Present.


University Search Committee, Director of Multicultural Programs, Summer 1999.  Resulted in the hiring of

Georj Lewis, 1999-2002.


University Honors Program Faculty Council, Spring 1999-2000.


Residence Life and Housing  Program Review Committee, Fall 1998.


Buildings and Grounds Committee, Faculty Senate, Co-Chair, Fall 1998-Fall 1999.


Task Force on New Academic Initiatives, Member, Fall 1998-Summer 1999.


University Admissions Recruitment CD, Voice Over and Film Footage, Summer 1998.


Ad Hoc Committee on General Education Assessment of American Civilizations Core, Chair, Spring 1998-



“Inside Track” Mentor, EUP, Fall 1997-1999.


Living Learning Floor, Liberal Arts Steering Committee, EUP, Member, Spring 1998-2000;

 Chair Spring 2000.


Committee of Fact, University Judicial Board, EUP, Spring 1998-Present.


Faculty Senate, EUP, Member, Fall 1997-1999.


American Studies Committee, member, 1997-Fall 1998; Fall 2001.


Young Liberals, Advisor, EUP, 1996-1999.

Organized debates with Young Conservatives and attended Democratic Party Headquarters Celebration, Spring 1996.


Kappa Delta Rho, Fraternity Advisor, EUP, 1997-2000.

Attended Greek Leadership Conference on EUP Campus in 1997; helped with Homecoming Float construction, 1997-1998.


















Departmental Service:


Acting Department Chair, Spring 2005, Fall 2006. 


BAHI Program Review Committee, Chair, Spring 2004.


Search Committee Member for Departmental Clerk/Typist II, December 2003.


Pennsylvania History Day, Coordinator.  This is a regional competition for National History Day, March

                2003, 2004. 


Conference on “Race, Gender and Ethnicity: Local and Global Perspectives of Social Justice,” Coordinator. November 8, 2002.


Search Committees for a European Historian, Non-West Historian, and African/African-American

Women’s Historian, Spring 2002.


International Terrorism Conference Committee, Fall 2001.


Development of new certificate program in Public and Applied History, Fall 2001.


Promotion Committee, Chair, Fall 2001-2002.


Sabbatical Committee, Member, Fall 2001-2002. 


Urban Development Road Course, Summer 2002.


Evaluations Committee, Chair, Fall 2001-Present.


Recruitment-Promotional Video on Cuba, produced by R. James Wertz, February 2001.


Cuba Travel Course, Latin America II, Havana, Cuba, January 2001.


Recruiting Liaison, Fall 2000-Present.


Search Committee for Asian Historian—resulted in hiring of Xin-zhu Chen, 1998.


Recording Secretary, History Department Meeting, Spring 1997-Present.


Library Committee, Fall 1996-Present. 


American West Road-Trip Course, EUP, Summer 1998, Summer 1999, Summer 2004.


History Club, Advisor, EUP, Fall 1996-2001.

Led club on trips to Toronto, Cleveland, Harper’s Ferry, New Orleans, and Antietam. Organized campus-wide panel debate between U.S. Senate candidates; discussion on 1996 Presidential Election; arranged lectures for Black History Month and Women’s History Month; and award-winning sculpture in 1997 Snowfest.


Curriculum Committee, Member 1997-Present; Chair Spring 1998.






Research and Professional Service:


Panel Member, Pennsylvania Historical and Museums Commission Historical Marker Review Panel, 2007-2008.


Reviewer, Jacqueline Jones, et. al., Created Equal: A Social and Political History of the United States, Volume 1 to 1877 (Longman Press, 2005).


“The Role of Historic Industrial Architecture in Erie,” in conjunction with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the International Society for Industrial Archeology, and the Erie Redevelopment               Authority, May 22, 2005 at Erie Insurance Group Auditorium.


NEH Landmarks in History Grant Initiative, Consultant and Master Teacher, with Linda Lacny and Renata Wolynec.


Oral History Studio Grant Initiative, with Linda Lacny.  Fall 2003-Spring 2004.


History Consultant, SHINE (Students Helping Immigrants with Nationalization Exams) Grant Initiative

                with Dr. Denise Finazzo, Community Outreach Office.


History Consultant/Lecturer, TAS Institute—Teaching the American Story.    The public school

                collaborative effort includes four school districts, 2003-2006. Campus coordinator is Charles Cross. 


Consultant, African Immigrants in Erie Research project/grant, Spring 2003.


Project Director, Documentary Video,  PHMC Grant, World War Two Oral History Project, Spring 2003.


Journal of Erie Studies, Editorial Board member, 2002-Present.


Erie County Historical Society, Finalist (with Dr. Jerra Jenrette) for U.S. General Services Administration

“History of the Erie Federal Building and Courthouse Site and Expansion,” Spring 2002.


Idacorp Solutions, Consultant, Analytical reports include “Analysis and Historical Overview of the Modern

Pulp and Paper Industry.” 2001.


Advisory Board, member, for Dushkin-McGraw Hill’s publication of John Allen’s Student Atlas of

 American History, 1999-2000.


Development of new course, History of American Violence (HIST372); revival of old course History of








Current Projects:


“Poison Creek: Suicide and a Western Family,” biography of multiple suicides in an Oregon family.

(Manuscript Completed—Query Letters submitted).


“Invisible Erie, 1920s-1960s,” (manuscript proposal, in coordination with Jenrette and Bemko, accepted by

University of Pittsburgh Press)


“Engendered Death and Women Who Kill in Pennsylvania” (manuscript submitted to Penn State U. Press)


“When Heroes Were Outlaws and Bandits Wore Badges”    


“The Underearth,” (series of children’s books)


“Circus Fires and Carnival Deaths” (in research phase)


“Gorilla Americanus” (in research phase)