Road Courses

1998      American West Road Course

1999      Along the Santa Fe Trail Road Course

2004      Lewis and Clark Road Course

2006      Oregon Trail Road Course

2008      American West Road Course

Road Courses

Road Courses  

American West Road Course, 1998


Along the Santa Fe Trail Road Course, 1999

Japanese Internment Camp, New Mexico Edinboro Students in New Mexico
Student Insights


Lewis and Clark Trail Road Course, 2004

Monticello Up the Missouri
Mandan Camps Seaside, Oregon


Oregon Trail Road Course, 2006

St. Louis, MO Students with Laythe in St. Louis
Chimney Rock, Nebraska Oregon Coast
Seaside, Oregon Frontier Life
Near Craters of the Moon, Idaho


American West Road Course, 2008

Bandelier National Park Oklahoma City Memorial
Pecos N.P. Aztec Ruins
Mt. Rushmore Lost on the Az-NM border
Mt. St. Helens Custer State Park, SD