Women's Studies Honor Society

Iota Iota Iota (Triota) was established at Edinboro University in December 1998.  Since that time we have inducted more than 94 students.  Triota is active in academic events, travel to historic sites significant in Women's History, and raises money for women's shelters in the area.  Inductions have been held every year, generally during spring semester.  Members come from disciplines in every school on campus.   


Officers 2010-2011

Danielle Duncan, President
Lynn Angelo, Vice President
Renata Lisowski, Secretary

Ashley Eisert, Treasurer

Lauren Lippert, Activities



Dr. Martha Donkor, Primary Advisor


Dr. Jerra Jenrette
Professor Suzanne Winterberger



5 K Run/Walk Against Domestic Violence

Saturday September 25, 2010

Cambridge Springs, PA

All proceeds will be donated to SafeNet

For information contact Lynn Angelo



Fall trip to Salem/Boston

Triota at Fort Sumter in Charleston, SC

Fundraiser/Food Drive


Women's History Month

Spring 2011 Induction


Triota Activities, Since 1998

Spring 2010 Inductees

Julie Barry

Tiffany Chaffee

Elizabeth Cross

Emily Dickson

Danielle Duncan

Ashley Eisert

Amanda Harkness

Renata Lisowski

Roberta McCall

Carolyn Pitcairn

Nicole Popovich

Destiny Smith

Sarah Smith

Stephanie Winters

Erica Wisor


Spring 2009 Inductees

RaeAnne Woomer
Francesca Tronetti
Jessica Semler
Ashleigh Pirone
Betty Cruz
Kara Dreikorn
Patricia Hofius
Dayna Larson
Lori Maughan
Kayla Strubbe
Jaclyn Winters

Spring 2008 Inductees

Amber Keohane

Heather O'Malley

Rolanda K. Chaney

Katherine Bajorek

Adrienne Fenell

Veronica Hopkins

Lynn Angelo

Kate Ames

Laura Robinson

Ashley Chapman

Andrea Stelmack

Jennifer Cornman

Katie Jane Hall


Spring 2007 Inductees

Traci Andrews
Stephanie Becker
Amy Dalessandro
Irene Michel
Sonya Paraskos

Cassie Staub


Fall 2006 Inductees

Mark Curtis

Sheena Conklin

Rebecca Johnson

Rania Kellerman

Ken Krause

Desiree Parker

Stephanie Peters

Amber Jo Pleger

Carrieanne Rupp

Jessica Schmitz

Sherry Stockton

Chad Walderon


Spring 2006 Inductees

Carly Gaab
Carrianne Rupp
Jessica Weisbecker
Sherry Stockton
Ken Krause
Raina Kellerman


Fall 2005 Inductees

Mark Curtis
Renee DiCorpo
Christine Jara
Rebecca Johnson
Alicia Knouff
Desiree Parker
Amber Pleger 
Jessica Schmitz
Ruth Stolz


A major highlight of 2005-06 was the Pennsylvania Governor's Conference for Women!

Dr. J and two graduate students (Triota member) Jamie Chapman and Angela Loomis traveled to Philadelphia in November 2005 for an incredible motivating conference.  Speakers included Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Conner, Madeleine Albright (former Sec. of State), Lisa Ling (National Geographic journalist) and Donna Brazille (Democratic strategist).


Since December 1998, Triota has organized several fundraisers to help needy individuals, beginning with the most recent:


Members of Triota have presented papers at academic conferences including:

Triota sponsors speakers for Women's History Month each year including:


Spring 2005 Inductees

 Christy Brooks
Carrie Brink
Alicia Capenos
Courtney Hillhouse
Stacy Hinds
Erin Larson
Mary Knapp
Gina Oddi
Lisa Perry
Stephanie Peters

Rachel Weiner


Fall 2004 Inductees 

Jamie Bowersox
Anita Brewer
Kathryn Deavers
Jillian Englert
Shakeena Gould
Bethany Losco
Valerie Matteson
Andrea McGrain
Heather Vanderoff



Since its inaugural semester in December 1998, members of Triota have traveled to the following sites:


    During its Spring 2003 induction at the Crossroads Dinor inducted 8 new student members and their two faculty advisors (Jenrette and Lossie) as Honorary members.


An induction at the home of Dr. Jerra Jenrette (History)

Dr. Lossie and Nan Grygier plot a revolution during the December 2000 induction. 
Dr. Lossie is now a faculty member at Clemson University in South Carolina!  We still miss you Dr. L!

Founding Members, December 1998


Karrie Bowen (Communication Studies), President (kneeling)

Dianna Allen (English), Laurene Adams (History), Kim Trabold (English), Teresa Knecht (Psychology), Tara Faulk (English), Stephanie Moles (Communication Studies)

Karrie Bowen, Laurene Adams, Kim Trabold were the first three students at Edinboro University to earn the Minor in Women's Studies.  Bowen earned her MA in Communications at EUP and teaches in Pennsylvania; Adams earned a BA in History ; Trabold is a licensed Lutheran minister!


Members inducted December 1998 -Spring 2004

Nathan Albert, History
Dianna Allen, English
Robin Archer, Psychology
Samuel Ashley, Environmental Studies
Natalie Balaji, English
Jessica Barath, History
Jennifer Brandt, History
Jamie Chapman, History
Bettijo Chapman, Sociology
Kelly Dixon, History
Kathleen Engro, Secondary Education
Kristen Euliano, Secondary Education
Frances Fair, MASS
Sarah Fisk, Philosophy
Kelly Gartley, History/Political Science
Ralph Godbolt, MASS
Adrienne Grafton, Art
Helene Grande, English
Nanette Grygier, History
Jennifer Heatley, Psychology
Jennifer Huck, History/Secondary Education
Nadean Huck, History
Shanell Irwin, Psychology
Karen Johnson, Elementary Education
Edward Kachmarek, MASS
Lindsay Kaliszewski, English
Robin Kline, History
Yvonne Kornman, MASS
Andrew Krol, History
Ashley Lawson, Art History
Michael Lecker, Political Science
Kimberly Magee, MASS
Kelly Maloney, Criminal Justice
Susan Lee, Nursing
Rachel Leed, Speech and Communications
Tonilee Lucchino, Psychology
Carla Mack, Communication Studies
Roni Madurski, MASS
Kim Magee, Sociology
Andre Mager, Elementary Education
Kelly Maloney, Criminal Justice
Nicole Malec, Nursing
Susie Mast, Art
Donna Mook, History
Shannon Motter, MASS
Melissa Mulzet, Criminal Justice
Lauren Ostrokowski
Garnett Persinger, History
Kelly Plowman, Psychology
Jaime Price, History
Jenny Rearick, Art
Joshua Reinsburrow, Biology
Ashley Reitz
Erin Riley
Christine Rothwell, Elementary Education
Rikki Salorino, English
Emily Sachs, Psychology
Jennifer Schreck, English
Kathleen Smith, History
Margaret Sholtis, Anthropology
Ashley Smith, History
Tanya Teglo, History
Jennifer Thompson, MASS
Robin Timko, History
Amanda Ziengenfus, Speech Communications/English Lit
Lees Kent Whylly, Psychology
Jennifer Wilson, MASS