Living and Learning Floor

PFLASH is an acronym representing the six programs that participate in this
Living Learning Community.  Students from Psychology,  Political Science, Foreign Languages, Anthropology, Social Studies Education, and History live on the 4th floor of HIGHLANDS 2.   PFLASH is a joint effort between the Departments of History and Anthropology, Psychology, Political Science, Secondary Education and Foreign Languages and enjoys the support of the Deans of Education and the College of Arts and Sciences.   PFLASH also appreciates the support of Residence Life-Housing.


PFLASH won second place during the annual Mind Match competition in Spring 2010.


Christopher Holzapfel begins his first year as the Scholar-in-Residence in Fall 2010; Chris is an Anthropology major and has been a member of the community since his first year at EUP.  He is joined by PFLASH resident, Meghan Bryte, who will serve as the RA during 2010-2011.   Kerry Schutte (Psychology) will serve as the PFLASH Tutor.

PFLASH students at Middleton Place Plantation

Medieval Feast at the Riverside Inn                                           Fall Picnic in Edinboro

PFLASH students "on the rocks" at Allegheny State Park
during the School of Science, Management and Technology's annual fall camping trip.
Thanks Dean Randall and Ms Watson ...for inviting us!

"Scholars-in-Residence Deke Showman (2004-05) and Brock Boutwell (2005-06; 2006-07; 2007-08)
check out a monument at the Rebecca Nurse Homestead Cemetery in Danvers,  Massachusetts.



PFLASH Activities 2010-2011

Annual fall picnic--September 2010

19th Annual Medieval Feast at the Riverside Inn, October 2009

Salem/Boston Trip--October 2010

Volley Ball/Bowling Match/Ping Pong Match vs Faculty/Staff

"PFLASH-Giving" Dinner in November

"Cultural Events" with Faculty

Charleston, SC Spring 2011 trip

Mind Match 2011





PFLASH Previous Activities 2004-10

annual fall picnic

Salem/Boston/Lowell, Massachusetts trip

Spring 2009 Charleston, SC trip

academic competition

Mind Match

Chicago trip

Washington, DC Trip

SMT camping trip

bowling night vs faculty/staff


The above activities do not include ALL the events on the floor.  The RAs and the Scholar regularly plan activities that include presentations, panel discussions, and "food-culture" evenings. 


Last updated 08/29/2010