Edinboro in southern Erie County
Edinboro is a college town south of Erie. It sits on little Edinboro Lake and hosts a small resort community in the summer. It receives the full brunt of lake-effect snow from Lake Erie, averaging 150 inches a winter.

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Edinboro Lake welcome sign Ice fishing on Edinboro Lake “Maple Edinboro University Reeder Hall
Edinboro Lake welcome sign In the winter the lake freezes and is good for ice fishing. The local region has a vigorous maple syrup industry. Reeder Hall, the administration building of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, one of 14 schools in the PA State System of Higher Education
John's Pizza Porch geese “Steelers Dairy Supreme in snow
John's Wildwood Pizza occupies the ground floor of the tallest building in downtown Edinboro. One Edinboro resident dresses cutout ducks on the porch with attire that reflects the seasons and each holiday. A local businessman commissioned a mural of Pittsburgh Steelers of the 1970s. Dairy Supreme is closed from October to April.

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