The 2002 Summer Academy for Young Women in Computer Science

The 2002 Summer Academy was held on June 24th to June 27th.  For the third year in a row, the Academy was sponsored by Verizon.  Following are some snapshots of the week:

ProfWeening.jpg (48702 bytes)

Dr. Weening demonstrating the 'Math' of Juggling

GameNight.jpg (64156 bytes)

Game night!

WholeGang.jpg (49270 bytes)

The participants

ProfZimmer.jpg (36986 bytes)

Professor Zimmer preparing her presentation

Hardware.jpg (59735 bytes)

Hardware Anatomy

SaifulSyreeta.jpg (65219 bytes)

Saiful and Syreeta helping

TriotaHelpers.jpg (88185 bytes)

Our Triota helpers

Picnic.jpg (76530 bytes)

What a great picnic!

coolniece.jpg (15508 bytes)

My really cool niece Kelsey!

ProfBennett.jpg (50508 bytes)

Professor Bennett assisting with VB

Presentation.jpg (57354 bytes)

Presentations on the last day

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