Spring Semester 2015

CSCI230 -- Principles of Programming II

This course continues CSCI 130. Topics include user-defined data types, data structures including lists, stacks and queues, several sorting and searching algorithms, pointers, and introduction to object oriented programming, the standard template library, and recursion. Implementation of programs will be done in C++.
CSCI 230 MW Syllabus
CSCI 230 TR Syllabus

Prerequisites:  a C or better in CSCI130 and CSCI125

CSCI475 -- Data Communications and Networking
This course provides an overview of the basic principles and technologies of data communications and networking systems.  Topics include transmission techniques, multiplexing, flow and error control, routing and congestion control.  The course will introduce switched, broadcast and wireless networking technologies.  TCP/IP and the OSI protocol architectures will be investigated.
CSCI 475 Syllabus

Prerequisites:  CS312 and MATH 270

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