CSCI 220 Chapter 5

Lab 5 Pseudo Code, Hierarchy Charts, and debugging.


Do the following:

  1. Write the Hierarchy Chart
  2. Write the Pseudo Code
  3. Do these using a word processor
    1. Use drawing tools for the hierarchy charts
  4. Print both items and turn in by the end of the lab.


For the following program:

Write a program for a rental car company that prints the amount owed by each customer. The amount owed depends on the miles driven, the number of days the car was rented, and the type of car rented. Toyotas are at $26 per day and 18cents per mile. Oldsmobiles rent at $32 per day and 22 cents per mile. Cadillacs rent for $43 pre day and 28 cents per mile. The first 100 miles are free regardless of the car rented.