CSCI 320 Business Programming in COBOL Spring 2008


Material to be covered

Lab & Homework Assignments


- Syllabus
- Chapter 1

MS 2003 Version
Old Notes    

Lab 1 - Turn in the source listing and output next class

Syntax Guide


Chapter 2

Examples in class.#8 on Page 61.
#4,5,6 page 100


Homework Due: Review Questions I & II at the end of the chapter 1

Assignment 1 Problem # 3 Page 133.  In this problem you read in from one file and create 2  new files.  The data can be found on your student disk, ch0403.dat.  Due January 24th,
Data Set

Please Read the Grading Criteria

Lab 2 - Do number #7 p. 61.  (Interactive Program to determine total cost of item)


Tuesday - Chapter 3


Thursday - Chapter 4

- We'll do some examples for creating file sections & making the record structure
- If time, go over another interactive program.

Class Notes

Homework Due: Review Questions I & II at the end of the chapter 2,  Page 58 & 59

No lab, meet in the classroom.


Chapter 5 -> We're going to skip this chapter.  It's about program design which by now you should know well.

Tuesday Chapter 6 -> Moving Data, Printing, Displaying Output.

Thursday February 7th is a Reading Day, no class.

Assignment 2 - Number 1 page 297, plus add an option to print a report similar to the one in Figure 7.4 (next page).  Your program will  ask if the user wants to print a report, create a file or quit.  Obviously the report won't be exactly like the one in 7.4 but do print out all the info that is in the out-salary file in a nice, neat and orderly fashion.

Data File

Due: February 12th

Lab3 ->  An FTP example
Lab 4 -> Design Lab


Tuesday Chapter 7

Thursday meet in the lab we will:

  1. Review for the exam
  2. work on screen color lab

Screen Experiment Lab


Exam 1 -
Chapters 1 - 7 -> Meet in Dundee Lab, Open book




Tuesday February 26th is a Reading Day, no class

Thursday meet in the Lab as discussed in class since we covered Chapter 9 already

Cover Chapter 9
Other Ch-9 Notes


Ok, we'll try this copy thing again so Copy CHAPTER9LABFIX from my directory:

copy USR1:[dtucker.cobol]CHAPTER9LABFIX.cob chapter9lab.cob

Read the notes in the source code and finish the program, this is problem #10 page 382 where you ask the user for a statement and number of times and it prints it x number of times to a file.  You can have it print to the screen also.

When done copy your result back to my LABCH9 directory:




set protection on it so I can read it.



Chapter 10
Other Ch 10 notes

Sample procedure division of single control break (Problem 2 in Ch 10)



Meet in the lab Tuesday, March 18th

Chapter 10 Lab

Thursday :

Chapter 11

Assignment 3:

Number 8 page 556, in addition validate the data that the users inputs, using the techniques from chapter 11.

Table for #8  

Due April 4th Midnight, copy it to the directory:



Tuesday let's meet in the lab - We'll work on #1 page 468.  Make a simple program that validates user entered data according to the chart and requirements listed in a - d.  Instead of an error listing let's have it immediately respond to the user that the data is invalid. 

Chapter 12



Meet in the lab, Tuesday (4/1) - Use this time to catch up on outstanding labs and we'll discuss the 3rd assignment.
(Pending no conflicts with other faculty) -> as of 1:15 all is ok so meet in Dundee lab.




Tuesday April 8th - Exam 2 - Chapters 8 - 12

Meet in the lab Tuesday, I'll give out the exam instructions then


Thursday Chapter 14


Tuesday Meet in Lab

Write a program that sorts the following data


According to the EMPLOYEE-NO which is the 1st 5 characters of the data. 
1.  Have it print the unsorted list
2. Then have it print the sorted list
3. Use the built in COBOL sort feature
4. Format for the data is found on page 643 Figure 14.7

Thursday Meet in Lab

Edit Tuesday's lab and add functionality to insert a record then re-print the list sorted.

Save the new list to your directory.

I'm not worried about how the output looks for this one.


Tuesday Meet in the classroom

Start on Chapter 15

Thursday meet in Lab


Tuesday Meet in the classroom

Advanced Topics:
Chapter 16
Chapter 17

Thursday in Lab
Because of the Awards Banquet let's meet in the class room Thursday until the Banquet starts.

Continue with Chapter 17 & discuss the Final

We'll have to cut class short today  so we can go to the awards dinner in Doucette

Final Exam - Thursday @ 2:00

Final Exam <- Check this again tomorrow for updates.  I may put some screen shots up.