Visual Basic

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Material to be covered

In & Out of Class Lab Work

8/25 Chapter 1 & Other
  • What is Programming?
  • What is a compiler?
    • Visual Studio Express Edition
    • Installing it
  • File management / Windows Explorer
  • Applied Technology minor
  • Getting started with our 1st VB Program
  • Importance of truly understanding the first few chapters
    • Terms
    • Don't underestimate the importance of knowing where you saved your program
    • Using the compiler
  • AWA - Alternate work assignments
  • When to meet in the Lab (Dundee in Ross Hall)
  • Designing a Program (Software Engineering)
  • What is an algorithm?
  • Flowcharts & Pseudocode
  • More notes



 Link to download Visual Basic and some other tools.

9/1 Chapter 2
  • Controls and Events
  • Make sure you read this chapter carefully it covers fundamentals that are the building blocks of everything else.

I'll go over an example of a small program.
Something from the Chapter 3 Programming Projects

Chapter 3

  • Properties
  • Make sure you read the "Comments" sections
  • Using and representing Numbers in a program
  • Strings?  Using Letters, Words and Sentences in a program.
  • More Notes

Do the Walkthroughs in chapter 2:

  • Text Box

  • Button

  • Label

  • List Box

 on page. 26 →33

In lab let's continue with problem #1 page 118

9/8 Finish Chapter 2

Continue with Chapter 3

Go over Problem 1 back of Chapter 3 - Screen shot of solution

Number 83 Page 115:
computing the compound interest

Continue & finish with Chapter 3
 - Talk about strings
 - Bring in Questions!!

Start Chapter 4

We covered IF statements, Functions and Procedures this week. Let's do a practice program with that on Friday in the Lab

Write the program for # 28 on page 142. Change it so that if the user orders more than a half-dozen bagels the first half-dozen are 75 cents but every bagel after that is 60 cents per bagel.

Write the program for #25, Page 202. Be sure to write a function that returns the initials. We'll need to talk about how to pass a value to a function. The main part of your program will get the name then call the function. Take the return value of the function and display it.

9/22 Chapter 4 - If Blocks and Select Case statements

Screen shots of the in-class problems
Problem 1
Problem 2

Let's do another function program:

#31 Page 203, you can get the from the text file link up top.
First just make a program that reads and prints to the screen
Then add the function that calculates the rent
change the print statement to then print the returned rent.


Chapter 5 - Procedures and Functions

Review the Lab from Friay
Add the idea of a loop to it.

Review for the exam


Friday Exam 1 - Will be on:

  • Reading from a file
  • Formatting to a list box
  • Functions
  • Procedures
  • While loop until end of file

Everyone Must Take, including the AWA people

Sample problem that requires the use of a procedure or functions as a review for the exam.

Notepad file with the code we wrote in class the past 2 days.

Chapter 6 - Repetition
 - Loops
 - Do While
 - Do Until
 - For - Next Loops

Let's try a Loop problem:

#38 Page 281.
Design it as if you do not know the number of items in the file
I recommend you use a while loop for reading
with a nested for loop. The number of times the for loop runs will be based on a value you read in from the file to make the starts.

iPod Sales in Millions

10/13 We'll work on sample programs
Friday meet in the lab as usual.
Try a simple array problem out of section 7.1
Read from a file into an array
Display contents

10/20 Array examples in class.

Meet in Lab Friday
Let's compute the average of a list of numbers.  Make sure you load the numbers into an array first.  Then loop again and determine the average.  We are using an array as practice.
List of Numbers


Chapter 7 - Arrays
 -More organized way to store a lot of related data
- Some consider this the most complex topic of the course.
- Not that hard, just another way to store a lot of related data.

Class example of the American to British Translations

Meet in the labe friay 10/31

We can work on sorting
Write a simple program that sorts a file, we can use the egg file from way back, Use either bubble or selection sort.

11/3 Continue with chapter 7
- Talk about structures
- How to use structures with arrays

Exam 2 November 7th meet in Lab.
Structure Example

2 Dimensional Arrays

 Chapter 8 - Sequential Files
 - Reading from a text file that is already on your computer

- Know How to append to a file,
close and reopen in append
... .=IO.File.AppendText("sample.txt") -> puts the write marker at the end of the file.

Meet in the Lab on Friday November 14th
# 10 page 432, using the csv file format to load data, then run thought the data depending on the user's request.
11/17 Control Break Processing
Start on Chapter 9

Meet in the Lab the rest of the Semester

Solution to the Control break problem as we discussed in class

Work on #35 page 463

work on projects today in lab


Thanksgiving Break this week


12/1 Meet in the Lab the rest of the Semester

AWA People need to demo thier project!!

Final Exam will be on Monday December 7th at 11:00 am


Assignment # Due Date Description
1 9/10 #4 Page 119
AWA 1 9/10 Update on your progress
2 10/17 # 5 Page 294 - Least-Squares Approximation; Text File here
3 11/7 #3 Page 396 - Rudimentary Translator
4 12/5 #1 Page 501 - Membership List