Course Calendar - Fall 2007
Last Updated - 12/13/2007


Material to be covered

Homework Assignments:


We are going to cover:
Chapters Chapters 1,5,6,7,8 for computer concepts portion of the course this semester

August 27th - September 14th

Official Calendar

Syllabus/Introduction - What to expect from this course.

Chapter 1 - Why Computers Matter to You

We'll discuss:

  • What kind of computer should I buy?
  • What can I do with my computer?
  • How are they being used at work?

Info and History about the Microprocessor

Chapter 1 Homework: Due 8/31
  1. #1 Page 36
  2. #6 Page 36
  3. #2 Page 37
  4. #4 Page 37
Chapter 5 - Using System Software: the Operating System, Utility Programs, and File Management

We'll discuss:

  • Operating Systems
  • What it does
  • Booting


  • How do I add more RAM to my computer?
  • What else can I do to increase the speed of my computer?
  • How can I put a larger or 2nd hard drive in my computer?

Even Better:

  • Using Windows Explorer
  • Using the OS Utilities like:
    • System Restore
    • Backup
    • Defrag
Chapter 5 Homework: Due 9/12
  1. #1 page 242
  2. #4 page 242
  3. #4 page 243

Chapter 6 - Understanding & Assessing Hardware

We'll discuss:

  • Should I upgrade my computer?
  • What's the story with all the different Processors
  • What type of Memory goes in my computer?
  • Do I have to buy the best/most expensive computer?
  • Other upgrades such as video and sound cards
  • How about reliability?

Study Guide

Exam I - September 26th, Chapter 1, 5, 6

Chapter 6 Homework: Due 9/21
  1. How does the Intel Core™ Duo processor differ than an older Intel P4
  2. for a Dell Optiplex GX 240 Desktop computer
    1. What type of memory will this computer take?
    2. What is the maximum amount of memory this computer can use?
    3. How may RAM slots are there?
  3. #1 Page 283 Download worksheet here


September 17th - October 5th

Chapter 7 - Networking and Security

We'll discuss:

  • Why do we even need networks?
  • How does one computer talk to another?
  • How do many computers talk to many computers?
  • So now I know I need a network at home, what should I buy and how do I set it up?
  • How do wireless  networks work?
  • What should I do to secure my home wireless network?

We'll have a quiz on Chapter 7 on Monday October 8th


CERT - An excellent resource to find out info on current security issues and tips on how to protect your computer.

Chapter 8 - Mobile Computing: Keeping Your Data on Hand We won't be getting to this, but feel free to ask any questions on the topic.



Practice Exams:  With the new book these really don't apply any more but at least you can get an idea of the format.

Things to Review:



Computing Concepts Exam - This will be about 10 -12 short answer questions

From now on bring your Front Page book to class

We'll start with Chapter 1 in the front page book.

Make sure you can get to \\storage1\dfs\webstorage, careful to use backslashes.

Link to download site:
then go to the front page 2003 student data


Front Page Homework for Chapters 1 & 2 of the Front Page Book

  • Read chapter 1 & 2, Please note that reading these chapters is more important than in the previous course.  Most of you will not be familiar with the material.
  • Be careful not to forget to copy the student files to a location of your choice.
  • Do the hands-on exercises in chapter 1 & chapter 2
  • And the practice exercise in chapter 2
  • You do not have to follow the text exactly, you can change the practice file by choosing your own topics for the web site but you must have all the same features.
  • I'll look at this on your web space

This will be different than your 1st Computer Course:
As you are doing the hands-on exercises, save all your work to your web space, to do this open windows explorer and type in the following in the address box:

Where x123456x is replaced with your login ID. 

You can also type this into to the box after clicking on start, then run..

I show in class how to save to this directory for your 1st page.  After that you can right click on the  the file name in windows explorer.

Link to the Tech and Comm. page describing how to edit your personal web page

October 8th - October 26th


About Cambridge


Continue with Front Page Chapter 1
Front Page Chapter 2

Extra if you have time and an interest:

Add some JavaScript to your web site:  The programming assignment will be to add some JavaScript to your existing webpage.

Sample page of java script.  To see code, click on the view tab, then click on source.

The radio button example, again view source to see or copy the code.

You add this by editing using the code view of the page you want to put this on.  You can experiment by just cutting and pasting the examples above in your web page.

Chapter 2:
  • Good Web Page Design
  • Create a web page in page view & look at other views
  • Editing in code view
  • Add a page to an existing site
  • Edit and format a web page
  • spell check
  • hyperlinks and lists
  • Preview, save and print
  • Navigation

Chapter 3

  • Create a site using an existing template
  • Work with themes
  • Import a web page
  • Delete a web page
  • Publish a web site & just changes
  • Find and replace tool
  • Modify the navigational structure
  • How to promote a web site
  • Meta tags
Discuss Front Page Extensions and that they are not enabled on our server.

Chapter 3 Homework - Due

  • Do the hands-on exercises & Practice Exercise #3 in Chapter 3
Front Page Chapter 4

Look at the following:

  • Adding Graphics
  • resize
  • crop
  • change format
  • hyperlink that is an image
  • image map
  • Autoshapes (same as Word)
  • Insert an audio file
  • Web Components (remember some won't work on our server)
  • Link Bars


Chapter 4 Homework - Due
  • Practice exercise #2 on page 245 in chapter 4
  • Due November 7th
  • Note I did not assign the hands-on but you should still go through these as it teaches you how to do the homework.
October 29th - November 16th

Access 2007 has been uninstalled on all the computers, hopefully everything works now.

Front Page Chapter 5
  • Tables
  • Frames

Exam II (TBA) -  There will be two parts.  1st is a take home you'll do over the weekend, then a smaller in-class quiz you'll do Monday 1st thing.  For the quiz you'll have to post a simple 2 page web site with required features.

Sample take-Home Web page exam
Chapter 5 Homework -  Due
  • Practice exercises 1 & 2 page 305 & 306
  • These should be combined to one site.


 Take home web exam due Sunday @ midnight

Start with MS Access - Chapter 1

Chapter 2 - Design, Properties, Views, and Wizards

Access Exercise Files
To get the Access files, run it  by double clicking on it  The program will ask you where to save the files.  Save them on your USB drive.  Then you can start to use them.

Do Hands on-exercises 1,2, & 3 in Chapter 1

Access Assignment

Chapter 3 - Reports & Queries Access Assignment

Go over making the different kinds of queries.

November 19th - December 7th Chapter 4 - Relational Databases, Pivot Charts, and the Switchboard user interface  
Chapter 5 - Subforms and Multiple-table Queries In-class example of one-to-many relationships
Discuss subforms

Apartment Rentals Example p. 262 (page 271 in the revised edition)

Chapter 6 - Using many-to-many relationships Go over example of a database that uses many-to-many relationships & cascading modifications
Final Exam Friday December 14th at 8:00am - 10:30 am Final Review

Sample Final Exam