Visual Basic

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Material to be covered

- Extra Links
- Projects


We'll talk about computing resources available at Edinboro

Introduction to Computer Science  (Chapter 1 - Computer Science Illuminated)



- Computer Science club will be having its elections Wednesday sept 3rd, at 3:00pm in the doucette lab

- Also the programming team will be doing its try-outs friday Aug 29th at 3:00pm also in the lab

- Many members of the computer science club have been working on the computer science wiki, you can find a like for this wiki at the club site

 Voting Issues

Surfing the net while driving around?

Bit Torrent


Binary Values & Number Systems (Chapter 2 – Computer Science Illuminated)

professor Hillman will be covering the September 5th class and you will be meeting in dundee Lab for an introduction to Alice.
Creating an Alice World ( Chapter 1 – SCH, pp. 26-50)


Data Representation (Chapter 3 – Computer Science Illuminated)

Problem Solving and Algorithm Design (Chapter 6.1-6.3 – Computer Science Illuminated

Gates and Circuits (Chapter 4 – Computer Science Illuminated)

Representing an Algorithm with Alice (Chapter 2 – SCH, pp. 62-89) 

Logic Diagram Builder

Gates and Circuits (Chapter 4 – Computer Science Illuminated)
I'd like to go over some questions in the back, build some circuits

Friday September 19th meet in the lab.
Let's do the "In The Lab" exercise on page AL53.


  • The idea of Alice is not to learn the Alice programming language but to understand the process of creating a computer program
  • Pay attention to the idea of an algorithm
  • Pay attention to the idea of objects

Logic Problem



Note: Change in Plans, We'll have the exam on Friday instead of Wednesday.

Computing Components (Chapter 5 – Computer Science Illuminated)

 Exam Review on Wednesday

Exam #1 September 26th - Chapters 1 through 5 inclusive.

Chapter 4 Homework:



Problem Solving Methodology (Chapter 6.4-6.6 – Computer Science Illuminated) - talk about program design.


Low-Level Languages (Chapter 7 – Computer Science Illuminated)


Pep/7 Simulator

Write your name

1. Convert your first name to Hex
2. Load the instructions into the Pep 7 Simulator's memory, use the 11100000 op code for loading direct, which is EO in hex.
3. for example load:
E0 00 44 into the 1st 3 bytes of memory. to make it put a 'D' to the output
4. Do this for every letter in your first name
5. Run the program.


High-Level Languages (Chapter 8 – Computer Science Illuminated)

Abstract Data Types (Chapter 9 - Computer Science Illuminated)


Friday October 17th meet in the lab and work on the following from the Alice book:

Do the walk through, Implementation & Testing with Alice,
(Chapter 2 – SCH, pp. 69-117)




Friday (October 24th) meet in the classroom



Friday meet in the classroom
We'll do some group Algorithm development in Pseudocode:

1. Fill up an Array from a file
2. Add an element to that Array
3. Remove an element from the Array
4. Add an element to a Sorted Array


Monday - Finish the altorithms & start chapter 10

- Roles of the Operating System (Chapter 10 – Computer Science Illuminated)

Friday turn in the Homework, bring 2 copies and we'll review. (this has been changed)

Monday November 3rd Exam #2 Chapters 6 - 10


File Systems (Chapter 11 – Computer Science Illuminated)

Logical Structures – Repetition (Chapter 3 – SCH, pp. 148-173)




Event-Driven Programming (Chapter 4 – SCH, pp.185-203)


Meet in the lab Friday Novermber 7th

Bring your Book!!!!

Do Alice lab:
Logical Structures – Sequence (Chapter 3 – SCH, pp. 133-148)



Information Systems (Chapter 12 – Computer Science Illuminated)



Meet in the classroom Friday the 14th

More database examples -> video store

Salaires for computer professionals


Networks (Chapter 15 – Computer Science Illuminated)

May not get to these:
Artificial Intelligence (Chapter 13 – Computer Science Illuminated)
Simulation, Graphics and Other Applications (Chapter 14 – Computer Science Illuminated)

Arrays in Alice (Supplement)



Thanksgiving Break this week

Course Review and Wrap-up  
  1. December 1st - Michael Guantonio will give a talk on Subnetting
  2. December 1st - Jef Roberts will give a talk on building a comptuer
  3. December 3rd - Mike Morris will give a talk on Peer-to-Peer file sharing
  4. December 3rd - Anthony Petecca will give a talk on changes from IPv4 to IPv6
  5. December 3rd - Alyssa Roberts will give a talk on XML; Extended Markup Language
  6. December 3rd - Kyle Smith will give a talk on "what is Gigabit Ethernet" & other WAN protocols
  7. December 8th - Michael Gorman will give a talk on Simulating Light in comptuer graphics
  8. December 8th - Dilinna Francis will give a talk on what .NET is
  9. December 8th - Francis Cleary will give a talk on the Python programming language.
  10. December 8th - Rob Cross will give a talk on expert systems




Simulation & Graphics


No Class Friday, We'll be moving the presentations to the Final Exam period.

All homework and programming project due on the 8th

Final: 2 to 4:30

Final Exam will be on Monday December 8th at 2:00 pm

It will cover mostly from the last 3 chapters with some concepts of the earlier chapters.



Assignment # Due Date Description
1 - Chapters 1, 2, & 3 9/15 Answer the following Questions :

  1. Define abstraction as to how it relates to computer hardware and programming languages
  2. List and define the major subject areas of Computer Science
  3. #23 page 48
  4. # 33 page 49
  5. Look op on-line and read the 4th Amendment to the Constitution. Does programs like Carnivore violate this Amendment? What is your opinion on it, should technology like Carnivore be allowed, include discussion on the pros and cons.
  6. Why does all data need to be in binary form for computers.
  7. Why do computers use two's complement?
  8. Read this link then summarize how a computer represents floating point numbers
  9. If you were one of the 9 Supreme Court Justices how would you have rulled in the MGM v. Grokster Case. Write a short opinion.
Chapter 4 9/24

Chapter 4 Homework:


Chapter 8,9,10 Oct 29th

Chapter 6


Chapter 7
Give me screen shots of the program in
Pep/7 to print your name(#36& #37)

Chapter 8
Chapter 9

Chapter 10


Chapter 15 December 5th Page 502: numbers 28, 36,38,43,53,56
Alice   #2 on page AL235 under the cases and places assignments