Tentative Course Calendar - Summer 2007
Subject to Change (mostly dates)

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Dates: Material to be covered Notes

Week 1 - June 11th - June 15th

I think we'll finish early, if so we'll move on to MS Word.

Official Calendar

- Introduction to the class
- Go over course syllabus
- Logging in and checking e-mail
- Making sure your have an account
- Roll

Computer Concepts - Booklet
  • Overview of Computer Science

    • Software/Programming

    • Internals of a Computer

    • Operating Systems

    • Networks

    • Internet

  • Computer Literacy

  • E-Mail

Windows XP Assignment - We may start this on Day 1

Review for exam
Exam 1 - Computing Concepts, Thursday

Note: We may finish the concepts portion of the course early and start working with MS Word in the 1st week.

Some common links:
My web page
Math/CS Home
Edinboro Univ.

Lecture Notes:

Week 2

June 18th - June 22

Word - Chapter 1, 2, 3 and 4

 Begin Working on:
 - Hands On Exercises for the chapter we are currently working on
 - Practice exercises that were assigned (see link below)

Exam 2 - Microsoft Word
Sample Exam

Ms Word Assignments
Download practice files Word Data

Word Chapter 1
Word Chapter 2
Word Chapter 3
Word Chapter 4

Week 3

June 25th - June 27th

We have some flexibility here so the dates on what we are covering may change.

PowerPoint - Chapter 1, 2, 3 
 - Do Hands On exercises for these chapters
 - Begin working on Assignment 2.

MS PowerPoint Assignments

Power Point exam on Thursday - You will have to make a small PowerPoint slide show

Sample Exam

Download practice files PowerPoint Data

PowerPoint Chapter 1 Notes
PowerPoint Chapter 2 Notes
PowerPoint Chapter 3 Notes

Front Page Notes

Part Week 3 and Week 4

June 28th - July 6th


Front Page  - Booklet
Internet/Web Browsing
 - Web Page Development

A link to Tech & Comm.'s explanation on how to edit your page from home.


\\storage1\dfs\webstorage\d123456t\index.htm <- this is a sample of what you would type into front page to open up the index file.  What will change is the name of the file.  In this case it's index.htm, but your 2nd page might be page2.htm

Her URL will be:


Web Page Assignment - demo this for me by the end of the week

Web Page Exam - on using Front Page and making your web page live, will be Thursday (July 5th) during the 1st part of the class.   You will make a web page that you will have to post to your web account.  You then send me an e-mail with the URL of your exam web page. 

 Sample Exam (with a link to a possible solution at the bottom)

Start Excel
- In class we will be going over examples, when done start the hands on exercises.
Internet 1

Check out the Web Page FAQs


Week 5

July 9th - July 13th

Final Exam - 2 Parts, one with just Excel and then the traditional Final.  The Final will be comprehensive on Word, PowerPoint & Excel
  • Excel - One spreadsheet with many features, similar to your practice exercises, know the if & vlookup statements
  • Sample Exam

Excel Assignment


Download practice file Excel Data

Excel Chapter 1 Notes
Excel Chapter 2 Notes
Excel Chapter 3 Notes
Excel Chapter 4 Notes