CSCI 104 - Essentials of Computing I
Course Schedule
Spring 2008

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January 14th

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General material you should know:

Some common links:
My web page
Math/CS Home
Edinboro Univ.


January 16th - January 28th

Note: No class Monday January 21st

Computer Concepts

  • The PC hardware environment
  • The Windows operating system and system utilities
  • Overview of Computer Science
    • Software/Programming

    • Internals of a Computer

    • Operating Systems

    • Networks

    • Internet

  • Computer Literacy

  • E-Mail

Assignment 1:

1. Say you have $650 to buy a laptop, go to and customize a laptop for this price or less, type it up in MS Word and give a short reason why you chose the processor, RAM size, Hard-drive size and if you got a CD Burner or not.
Don't print from that web site.

Due: January 23th

2. Using Windows Explorer - show me a good directory structure of your flash drive for this semester.  This will include directories for each course, topics, and assignments.

  • On the root of your flash drive make a folder for each course you are currently taking
    • Within the folder for this class, make folders for:
      • Concepts Homework
      • MS Word
      • MS PowerPoint
      • MS Excel
      • Webpage
  • Put the homework file you made for the purchase of a laptop in the concepts homework folder.
  • Within the MS Word folder make folders for:
    • Chapter 5
    • Chapter 6
    • Chapter 7
    • Chapter 8
  • Do a print screen of your directory structure, paste it into MS Word, print and turn in on Monday.

Due: January 30th

3. Exploring your computer system worksheet

Due: TBA

Sample exam
Exam 1 - Computing Concepts

Note: We may finish the concepts portion of the course early and start working with MS Word in the 1st week.


Lecture Notes:
January 30th - February 27th

Begin Working with Microsoft Word:

Download the practice files the book publisher's web site Here
Look in the Word 2007 box and select the chapter you are working with.  For example when you first start you'll choose chapter 5.  The file you download will be compressed (as we discussed in class) you'll need to download it then extract it, or run it directly from the site.  Use the directory structure you made for the 1st assignment and save the chapter 5 practice files there.   When finished with the download and extraction you can start the chapter 5 activity.

Assignments are

The following activities walk you though, as much as possible, the completion of a document.  Pay attention to what you are doing and you will be learning as you go.

  • Chapter 5 (is actually the 1st Chapter in your book): 
    • Do Activities 5A and 5B
    • Project 5E
    • 2/8/2008
  • Chapter 6:
    • Do Activities 6A and 6B
    • Project 6K
    • 2/13/2008
  • Chapter 7:
    • Do Activities 7A and 7B
    • Project 7M
    • 2/20/2008
  • Chapter 8:
    • Do Activities 8A
    • Project 8K
    • 2/25/2008

Exam 2 - Microsoft Word : 2/27/2008

2/27/2008 - Drop dead due date for Word assignments

Sample Exam


Talk about what Microsoft Word is and what it is used for.

I want to remind students about the use of Ctrl X, C, & V.  These are Cut, Copy & Paste respectively.  You may find this method of Cut & Paste much faster and easier.

Lecture Slides:
Word Chapter 5

Word Chapter 6

  • Alignment
  • AutoCorrect & AutoFormat
  • Bibliography
  • Citation
  • End Notes
  • Footnotes
  • Format Painter
  • Making Lists
  • Office Clipboard

Word Chapter 7

  • Getting images from the internet
  • Picture properties
  • Picture locations
  • Banners & more
  • Tabs
  • Word Art
  • Tables

Word Chapter 8

  • Columns
  • Mailing Labels & Mail Merge
  • Hyperlinks
  • Smart Art Graphic
  • Save as Web Page


Computer related Current Events

February 27th - March 7th.


Front Page:

 - Internet/Web Browsing
 - Web Page Development

A link to Tech & Comm.'s explanation on how to edit your page from home.


\\storage1\dfs\webstorage\d123456t\index.htm <- this is a sample of what you would type into front page to open up the index file.  What will change is the name of the file.  In this case it's index.htm, but your 2nd page might be page2.htm

Her URL will be:


Web Page Assignment - e-mail the link to me by Friday.

Web Page Exam - on using Front Page and making your web page live, will be when we get back from break.   You will make a web page that you will have to post to your web account.  You then send me an e-mail with the URL of your exam web page. 

Note The exam will be on Wednesday March 19th.

 Sample Exam (with a link to a possible solution at the bottom) 

--- MS Word makeup exam this Friday and noon in the lab ----

Front Page Notes (To be fixed)

More Front Page Notes (To be fixed)

Internet 1

Check out the Web Page FAQs


March 17th - April 7th



Assignments are

The following activities walk you though, as much as possible, the completion of a document.  Pay attention to what you are doing and you will be learning as you go.

Download the practice files the book publisher's web site

  • Chapter 9 :
    • Do Projects 9A and 9B  (no practice files needed, start from scratch)
    • Project 9O
    • Due Friday March 21st
  • Chapter 10:
    • Do Activities 10A and 10B
    • Project 10O
    • Due  Friday March 28
  • Chapter 11:
    • Do Activities 11A and 11B
    • Project 11N
    • Due by  Friday April 4th
  • Chapter 21:
    • Do Activities 21A
    • Due by Friday April 11th

Excel exam on April 14th - will be open book, know how to use functions such as if(), sumif(), average(), sum(), etc.  Also how to format the spreadsheet.  You'll e-mail me your solution.

Drop dead due date for Excel is April 14th

Make up Excel Exam:

Wednesday April 23th @ 12:00 in the Lab
This is the only time to take the makeup exam.



  • Excel - One spreadsheet with many features, similar to your practice exercises, know the if & vlookup statements
  • Last Semester's Exam


Excel Chapter 9 Notes
Excel Chapter 10 Notes
Excel Chapter 11 Notes
April 9th - End of semester

Begin working with PowerPoint:

Note: These activities are not included in your book, only found here.  You'll do these as hands-on exercises similar to how the Word and Excel Activities A & B of each chapter were.

Monday - Do Project 22A in your book.  This exercise uses PowerPoint to import some data from other applications.

PowerPoint Projects are linked below:

If you have the White Book If you have the GO!  book
  1. 22A - Get File Here
  2. 1st PowerPoint Project
  3. 2nd PowerPoint Project


  1. 22A - Get File Here
  2. You can do either:
    15A & 15B
      - The projects listed under the White Book
  3. Get Starter Files Here

Power Point exam on: April 30th

Sample Exam

Bonnie's Powerpoint


PowerPoint Chapter 15 Notes
PowerPoint Chapter 16 Notes
PowerPoint Chapter 17 Notes

For on-line help check out the Microsoft tutorial

Final Exams - Comprehensive, hands-on, based on Word, Excel & PowerPoint

10:00 am class - Friday May 9th @ 8:00am
11:00 am class - Monday May 5th @ 11:00am