Sample Exam:

  1. Open ExcelExamFall2007.xls ) file and save it to the desktop.

  2. [2]Align text in row 10 so that it wraps and adjust the row height so that you can see all the text.

  3. [4]Calculate profit in cell E11, which is the Annual Sales minus the total Expenses. Copy to rest of column.

  4. [8]Calculate bonus in cell F11 using the thresholds in H5 & H6 depending on how much the profit from that city was.  If the profit is less than 100,000 then the bonus would b e 10% of the Profit, if the profit is more than 100,000 then the bonus is 15% of the profit.  Copy this formula to the rest of the cell in that column for each city.

  5. [5]In Cell G11, calculate the profit if the sales increased by the percentage in G10 but the total expenses stayed the same.  Copy this formula across to H11 (which will then use the percentage in cell H10), then copy down for the rest of the cities.

  6. [8]Calculate the summary statistics for profit in Cells F5:F8

  7. [4]Calculate the profit per director using the SUMIF function in cell C5.  Then copy to cells C6 through C8.

  8. [3]Put totals at bottom Annual Sales, Total Expenses and 2007 Profit columns

  9. [2]Merge and center the title of the document, fill with color of your choice.

  10. [4]Add conditional formatting to the 2007 Profit column where any profit above 100,000 is shown with a Red color.

  11. [5]In a new sheet create a 3-D pie chart that shows the profit per director

  12. [100]E-mail to by the end of class.  CC yourself and check to see that you got the exam.

This test is for practice only, e-mail me if you want to test that I got it.

Part of solution (so you can compare your answers)  I'll be grading the formulas