Course Calendar - Fall 2005
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Material to be covered

Homework Assignments:

Week 1 & 2

Monday, September 5 - No class

Friday, September 9 - Last day to Drop

Friday, November 4 - Last day to withdrawal

What's the difference between a drop & withdraw?

Official Calendar

Chapter 1 - Computers: Tool for an Information Age

Start Chapter 4 - System Software: The Operating Environment

Internet Exercise: Search for 5 different specific software packages that fall into the following categories:
  • Productivity software
  • Education software
  • Games
  • Graphics

For each indicate the package name, type of system needed, brief description of what it does.  List the advantages/disadvantages of each package compared to its competitor.  Due Friday

Week 2 Continue with:
Chapter 4 - System Software: The Operating Environment
Internet Research Exercise:
  • What are Multitasking, Time sharing, and Distributed Operating Systems.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of each in comparison to each other.
  • What is virtual memory, and how does it work?
  • Name 3 utilities I can run to keep my computer running smoothly  and explain what they are really doing.
  • Name at least 3 other operating systems besides any of the Windows systems

Due Friday

Week 3 Chapter 2 - The Internet and World Wide Web

Let's see if our name is available?  What do we need to make a web site with our name as the URL?

on-line term papers, don't do it! - turnitin

Exam Study Guide:
Internet Research Exercises:

  • Research then describe  what TCP/IP is and how it works.
  • What's the difference between a Server, Gateway, and a router?
  • Name 3 different applications (will all use a different protocol) we use on the internet and list an example where you could use that application.

Web Page Assignment Due: TBA

Week 4 Chapter 8 - Networks: Communicating and Sharing Resources

Can be complicated but very interesting.  Worth the effort to understand it.  Works directly with Chapter 2, The Internet.
Internet Research Exercise
  • Look up Token ring and Ethernet Network protocols and compare the two of them. 
    • List advantages and disadvantages.
    • What medium do they travel on?
    • How do they solve the problem of collision?
  • What is Ethernet
    • What do you think tends to happens when a Ethernet network is heavily loaded, lots of nodes attempting to send messages?  Explain in detail your answer.
  • What does your computer need to be connected to a network?
Week 5 We'll discuss Wireless with chapter 8. 

Chapter 7 - Input/Output and Storage 

Exam I - Friday, will include chapters 1,4,2,  8, 7 little bit of wireless and Homework

review1 review2- These past exams are out of sequence from our schedule this semester.

Complete the "On the Web" exercises 2 & 3 on page 128 of your book.
Week 6 Chapter 6 - Inside the System Unit Web page due Friday
Info and History about the Microprocessor
Week 7 Chapter 11 -  Programming Languages and Program Development

This can be challenging yet very interesting.  Take extra time to learn and understand this topic.
Here we will be learning the computer language of Logo and writing some programs in that.  One possible download ->

Additional link to Common logo commands

Logo Assignment  

Week 8 Chapter 12 -  Databases and Information Systems

We're going to cover this material using Access instead of Chapter 10 from the Concepts book. 

Review for Exam II on Friday
Week 9 Exam II - October 31st & November 2nd -Will include chapters 6,11, Logo, web page development.  I'd like to make this a very hands-on exam.  You'll write a small logo program and small web page, plus a couple of short answer questions.


Week 10

Friday, November 4 - Last day to withdraw

Intro to Databases


Review Sheet

Access Exercise Files
To get the Access files, run it  by double clicking on it  The program will ask you where to save the files.  Save them on your zip or USB drive.  Then you can start to use them.
Week 11 Start with MS Access - Chapter 1

Chapter 2 - Design, Properties, Views, and Wizards
Do Hands on-exercises 1,2, & 3 in Chapter 1

Access Assignment

Week 12 Chapter 3 - Reports & Queries Access Assignment

Go over making the different kinds of queries.

Week 13

Thanksgiving Break Begins - No classes Wednesday Nov. 23rd, Thursday, 24th or Friday 25th.

Chapter 4 - Relational Databases, Pivot Charts, and the Switchboard user interface  
Week 14 Chapter 5 - Subforms and Multiple-table Queries In-class example of one-to-many relationships
Discuss subforms

Apartment Rentals Example p. 262

Week 15

Saturday, December 10 - Last day of classes

Chapter 6 - Using many-to-many relationships Go over example of a database that uses many-to-many relationships & cascading modifications
Final Exam Week Final Exam: 8:00am Friday Final Review


Daren Moore - Firewall

Mellisa Jacobs, Dec. 2nd - How DNS Servers Work

Tod Mowrey, Dec. 7th - How Carnivore works

Ed Morrison, Dec. 7th - How Viruses work

Courtney Soder,  Dec. 7th - Tips on securing your home computer