Course Calendar - Spring 2007
Changing as we go


Material to be covered

Homework Assignments:

Week of January 15th

January 22nd - Last day to Drop

April 9th - Last day to withdrawal

Official Calendar

Syllabus/Introduction - What to expect from this course.

Chapter 1 - Computers: Tool for an Information Age

We'll discuss:

  • What kind of computer should I buy?
  • What can I do with my computer?
  • How are they being used at work?
Week of January 22nd Chapter 2 - The Internet and World Wide Web

We'll discuss:

  • What is all that stuff in the URL?
  • Let's see if our name is available?
  • What do we need to make a web site with our name as the URL?
  • Cheating & on-line term papers, don't do it! - turnitin
  • Page 30 # 1 (in the short answer section)
  • Page 30 # 6 (in the short answer section)
  • Page 32 # 2 - Make it only .5 page description of what servers do.

Due Wednesday January 24th


Week of January 29th

Reading day February 1st, but doesn't effect us.
Finish chapter 2

No class due to weather on Wednesday

Chapter 3 - Wired and Wireless communication

We'll discuss:

  • physical medium
  • wireless mediums
  • uses
  • multiplexing
  • the 802.11 protocols
Homework Exercise:
  • Short Answer on page 78, #2
  • On the web, page 80 # 3
  • Short Answer, page 126 #5
  • On the Web, page 128 # 5

Due Wednesday January 31st.

Week of February 5th Monday - Review for Exam, Possibly start Chapter 4

Exam I - Chapters 1,2,3 on Wednesday, February 7th

Chapter 4 - System Software: The Operating Environment

We'll discuss:

  • What is an operating system?
  • Why do we need one?
  • What different operating systems can I put on my computer?
  • Which one should I put on my computer?

Chapter 6 - Inside the System Unit

We'll Discuss:

  • How do I add more RAM to my computer?
  • What else can I do to increase the speed of my computer?
  • How can I put a larger or 2nd hard drive in my computer?

Chapter 7 - Input/Output and Storage 

Info and History about the Microprocessor
Week of February 12th Chapter 8 - Networks: Communicating and Sharing Resources

We'll discuss the following:
  • What are the different types/protocols of wireless networks?
  • What do you need to set up a wireless network at home?

The topic of networking can be complicated but very interesting.  Worth the effort to understand it.  Works directly with Chapter 2, The Internet.

Chapter 9 - Privacy, Crime, and Security

We'll discuss things like:

  • What can I do to protect my PC at home.
  • I'm infected! what should I do now?
  • What are spam, spyware and viruses anyway?
Homework Exercise

Operating Systems:

  1. Explain the following:
    1. Process Management -
    2. Memory Management -
    3. File Management -
  2. Why do you think Windows is the most popular O.S.?
  3. What advantages does Linux have over XP?
  4. Brief History of Linux -
  5. What does the term kernel mean?


CERT - An excellent resource to find out info on current security issues and tips on how to protect your computer.
Week of February 19th

Finish Chapter 9

We may talk about: Programming Languages and Program Development.  This is a very important topic in Computer Science but is not covered in your book.

On Wednesday we will review for the exam then begin the section on Web Page development

Exam II - Friday the 23rd.
It will cover chapters 4,6,Traditional Ethernet Networking

Practice Exams
:  Note that these will include some material that was on the 1st exam and will not be on the 2nd exam.

Things to Review:

From now on bring your Front Page book to class

We'll start with Chapter 1 in the front page book.


  • Look up Token ring and Ethernet Network protocols and compare the two of them. 
    • List advantages and disadvantages.
    • What medium do they travel on?
    • How do they solve the problem of collision?
  • What is Ethernet
    • What do you think tends to happens when a Ethernet network is heavily loaded, lots of nodes attempting to send messages?  Explain in detail your answer.
  • What does your computer need to be connected to a network?

Homework #1 (Chapters 1 & 2 of the Front Page Book)

  • Read chapter 1 & 2, Please note that reading these chapters is more important than in the previous course.  Most of you will not be familiar with the material.
  • Be careful not to forget to copy the student files to a location of your choice.
  • Do the hands-on exercises in chapter 1 & chapter 2
  • And the practice exercise in chapter 2
  • You do not have to follow the text exactly, you can change the practice file by choosing your own topics for the web site but you must have all the same features.
  • I'll look at this on your web space
  • Due: February 23rd

This will be different than your 1st Computer Course:
As you are doing the hands-on exercises, save all your work to your web space, do do this open windows explorer and type in the following in the address box:

Where x123456x is the same as your login ID. 

You can also type this into to the box after clicking on start, then run..

I show in class how to save to this directory for your 1st page.  After that you can right click on the  the file after accessing the directory.

Link to the Tech and Comm. page describing how to edit your personal web page

Week of February 26tth

Reading day on the 27th, but doesn't effect us


Continue with Front Page Chapter 1
Front Page Chapter 2

Extra if you have time and an interest:

Add some JavaScript to your web site:  The programming assignment will be to add some JavaScript to your existing webpage.

A link to Tom's Java Script sample web page

Sample page of java script.  To see code, click on the view tab, then click on source.

Ok, the radio button example, again view source to see or copy the code.

You add this using the code view of the page you want to put this on.


Week of March 5th Chapter 2:
  • Good Web Page Design
  • Create a web page in page view & look at other views
  • Editing in code view
  • Add a page to an existing site
  • Edit and format a web page
  • spell check
  • hyperlinks and lists
  • Preview, save and print
  • Navigation

Chapter 3

  • Create a site using an existing template
  • Work with themes
  • Import a web page
  • Delete a web page
  • Publish a web site & just changes
  • Find and replace tool
  • Modify the navigational structure
  • How to promote a web site
  • Meta tags
Discuss Front Page Extensions and that they are not enabled on our server.

Homework #2 (Chapter 3)

  • Do the hands-on exercises & Practice Exercise #3 in Chapter 3
  • Due March 9th

Spring Break March 10th - 18th

Week of March 19th Front Page Chapter 4

Look at the following:

  • Adding Graphics
  • resize
  • crop
  • change format
  • hyperlink that is an image
  • image map
  • Autoshapes (same as Word)
  • Insert an audio file
  • Web Components (remember some won't work on our server)
  • Link Bars


Homework #3 (Chapter 4)
  • Practice exercise #2 on page 245 in chapter 4
  • Due March 23rd.
  • Note I did not assign the hands-on but you should still go through these as it teaches you how to do the homework.
Week of March 26th
Front Page Chapter 5
  • Tables
  • Frames

Exam III -  -Friday  March 30th - There will be two parts.  1st a smaller in-class exam followed by a take home exam due no later than midnight.

Take-Home Web page exam  Updated (3/29)
Homework #4 (Chapter 5)
  • Practice exercises 1 & 2 page 305 & 306
  • These should be combined to one site.



Week of April 2nd

Reading day on Friday the 6th, no class that day.

Start with MS Access - Chapter 1

Chapter 2 - Design, Properties, Views, and Wizards

Access Exercise Files
To get the Access files, run it  by double clicking on it  The program will ask you where to save the files.  Save them on your USB drive.  Then you can start to use them.

Do Hands on-exercises 1,2, & 3 in Chapter 1

Access Assignment

Week of April 9th Chapter 3 - Reports & Queries Access Assignment

Go over making the different kinds of queries.

Week of April 16th Chapter 4 - Relational Databases, Pivot Charts, and the Switchboard user interface  
Week of April 23rd Chapter 5 - Subforms and Multiple-table Queries In-class example of one-to-many relationships
Discuss subforms

Apartment Rentals Example p. 262 (page 271 in the revised edition)

Week of April 30th Chapter 6 - Using many-to-many relationships Go over example of a database that uses many-to-many relationships & cascading modifications
Final Exam Week Final Exam - 8:00am Monday May 7th Final Review

Sample Final Exam

Last Semester's Final