Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

Geosciences Department Seismograph Station

Longitude 80 08"W Latitude 41 52"N

Drumplot from Guralp PEPP-V Seismometer

The Edinboro University Seismograph Station is located in the basement of Cooper Science Hall and began operation on October 1, 1996. Currently the station operates a PEPP-V broadband vertical seismometer from Guralp Systems .

The drumplot image at the top of this page displays the most recent 24 hours of data from the Guralp PEPP-V Seismometer. As the day progresses the drumplot software over-writes data from the previous day with data for the current day. The red line marks the time when the image was last updated (UTC). Data above and to the left of the red line is for the current date. Data below and two the right of the red line is for the previous date.


Information on Recent Earthquake Activity

Earthquake Information from the United States Geological Survey

IRIS Seismic Monitor

RedPuma Global Earthquake List



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